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New Year New You? Transform Your Stressful Life into a Sacred Life in ’23.

By Jeff Wright, MFT | January 3, 2023

Tired of the grind? Is being stressed and unhappy getting old? Want better in the coming year? Here is a simple way that you can transform your stressful life into a Sacred Life. Check it out. Pause. Soften. Breathe. As we embark on a New Year and consider the possibility of making a fresh start,…

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Happy Holiday Toolkit

By Jeff Wright, MFT | November 19, 2022

The Holiday Season is upon us. How are you doing? Are you struggling? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Relationships strained? Need some help turning that holiday frown upside down? Happy Holiday Toolkit: Tools You Can Use to Survive, Thrive and Enjoy the Holidays by Jeff Wright, MFT  Honor the Darkness to Move Into the Light. Stay in Your…

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The Puma That’s Eating Your Life

By Jeff Wright, MFT | October 12, 2022

My dog Frank once visited me in a dream and said this to me: “Listen to me! In reality, a beautiful, terrifying, ravenous Sacred Puma is eating your life. You are completely powerless to stop it. The Puma is going to eat you.  Unless some other beast comes along and snatches you out of the…

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