You Want Better.

Does your life look less like what you’ve hoped, dreamed and planned for and more like a roaring dumpster fire?

Are you tired of feeling stressed, depressed and overwhelmed?

Have you had enough of putting up with way too much?

Is being unhappy, unhealthy, unrewarded and unloved getting old?

OR maybe things are actually going pretty well for you right now and you just want more out of life: Deeper connections, more abundance, greater peace & ease, more satisfaction.

Whatever it is that brought you here, in your heart you know it's true -

You want a better life.

In my 50+ yrs of life experience and 20+ yrs experience counseling individuals and couples much like you, one thing has become abundantly clear to me:

No matter where you find yourself on the path and regardless of what you think or how you feel about yourself or your current circumstances – the truth is this –

It CAN be better.

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YOU can have a better life:

Better Relationships - Better Work - Better Experiences - Better Health - Better Life - Better You

I’m here to help.

Let’s talk about how YOU can have a better life.

Is this you?

  • You’re struggling. You just can’t seem to motivate or get any traction in your life. You’re spending your days feeling stressed, anxious, depressed - overthinking and underdoing. You don’t see how things can get better. You feel stuck and are losing hope. When will it end?


  • Your relationship is on the rocks. Too much fighting or too much “meh.” Not enough love. A betrayal or perhaps even abuse. You don’t want to blow up your life, but you just can’t go on like this any longer. What about the kids? You want to give it one last shot … or find a good way to move on.
  • Maybe you’re up at night - anxious, fretting about something or maybe about nothing at all really. You feel terrified and alone, worrying about what you will do when the awful thing happens.


  • The bottom is falling out and you’re reeling, scared and lost. You’re in shock. The comfortable familiar life you’ve created is crumbling and falling apart around you.


  • Or there you are, in the middle of your beautiful, blessed, successful life - and you are just NOT feeling it. It’s not that you’re not grateful, but you’re just not happy. You’re tired of the grind. You ask yourself: Is it worth all the effort? What it’s all for anyway?


  • Could be you’re underperforming or underearning or your life lacks purpose. You wonder if your gifts are going to waste … or if you have any gifts at all. You know there’s more for you, but what is it and how will you get it? Time and life are passing you by.

You’re navigating a big life transition and want to move through it in a good way:

  • A new job or big career change
  • A financial loss or tough times
  • An unexpected diagnosis or traumatic event
  • A loved one died or went away
  • Separation or divorce
  • You just got sober or feel you may need to moderate
  • A global pandemic engulfs the planet and everything changes for everyone everywhere (including you!) forever all at once! Happens.

What will you do?

You’ve thought about it a lot. Maybe you’ve tried many things. Some have worked better than others. It’s not that you don’t appreciate what you have, but something needs to change. Through it all one thing remains clear and true:


I’m here to help.

Let’s talk about how YOU can have a better life.

Need Help?

I know that sometimes asking for help can be hard. You say to yourself:

  • Shouldn’t I be able to figure this out on my own?
  • I don’t want to seem weak or dumb.
  • What’s a therapist going to tell me that I don’t already know?
  • Therapy is for mentally ill folks. That’s not me.
  • Therapy is weird and doing therapy is weak.
  • Do I just need to try harder?
  • I’ve tried everything. Nothing works. What’s the point?

STOP! There is a better way. It CAN be better.

You can trust your life! Your life is not a problem, a puzzle, a crisis or an emergency. You are not a broken thing, a pathology or a diagnosis. Your life is not a curse, a trick, a tragedy or a mistake. You are not a victim AND your life is not a joke.

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It's true, life CAN be hard. Has your life thrown you a curveball or knocked you back on your heels? Are you frustrated, unhappy, hurt or feeling lost? Aren’t you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Maybe you need an ally or a trusted guide to help you weather the storm, get back on track or make sense of it all.

I’m here to help. Let’s talk about it.

A Better Way to a Better Life

Many people who come to me looking for help are seeking an alternative to traditional therapy. These folks don’t want to sit and talk about their thoughts for years and years without seeing tangible results in their lives. They want to make real changes in their life and they’re looking for an engaged ally and a trusted guide who won’t just sit there passively nodding, “hmmm-ing” and reflecting.

What I offer is real help for real people living real lives who want better.

We work together in a collaborative environment to realize tangible results in practical, positive, forward-moving way:

  • No elaborate philosophical or clinical theories about you or how you came to be how you are.
  • No trading in self-limiting stories about yourself or your life for slightly-less-self-limiting stories over and over again ad nauseum.
  • No speculating about things that are not actually happening.
  • No blaming, shaming or victimizing.
  • No diagnosis. No pathologizing. No judgment.
  • No contrived and tedious homework.
  • I won’t ask you to “believe” anything. If it works, it works.
    No WOO-WOO, HOO-HA or BS
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Life is short. Time is passing. You’re not here in this life to suffer or waste time struggling with madness, fear and regret - confused, alone, anxious, depressed, defeated, unhappy and upset. You want a better life!

"The question isn't What’s wrong with you? What I want to know is What do you WANT?"- Jeff Wright, MFT

What I Offer:

Real Help for Real People Living Real Lives


I offer practical tools you can begin using immediately to improve the quality of your life and relationships. These are powerful healing strategies designed specifically for you by us working together to help you envision, create and enjoy YOUR better life.


My approach to healing is practical and down-to-earth. It is inspiring, forward-looking, proactive, dynamic, positive and solution-focused. It works. The goal is to transform whatever challenges you are facing into YOUR new and better, happier life.


Self-healing is a lifelong pursuit. Effective therapy does NOT need to take forever. It’s not necessary for you to make yourself into a different person or “fix” yourself (or anyone else). At the outset of our healing journey, I like to say that “[I]f we’re still talking about the same things in the same way 6 months from now, one of us should be fired.” In the end, talking about healing is NOT healing. Healing is enjoying your life.

Do you want a better life?

Let’s talk about it. I’m here to help.

Jeff Wright, MFT

Jeff Wright, MFT, Online Counseling for Individuals & Couples in California

I am a husband and father of two daughters. I live in California. I have been divorced. I was bullied and I was a bully. I have recovered from addiction and severe depression and anxiety. I was raised in a Catholic home. I am no longer Catholic. I am a praying man. I am co-founder and President of Medicine Path Native American Church, a plant medicine church in Berkeley, CA. I am a community leader, an entrepreneur, a small business owner and a mentor. I am a friend, uncle, brother, cousin and a son.

Past experience as a laborer, schoolteacher, bartender, mental health practitioner, athlete and devotee of the martial arts informs my work.

My prayer for my life is to be a great man. I pray to be happy and to heal myself and my life backward, sideways and forward in time. I intend that my life will be of great benefit to myself, to my family and to all my relations. I am dedicated to acting in the service of love. I’m here to help. Maybe I can help you.

I believe wholeheartedly that if Jeff Wright can heal himself and his life, anyone can. YOU can too!

This is what I’m offering to you: Honest, practical, clear, loving & effective help. An approach to realizing a better life that you can learn and master on your own at your own pace with practical tools you can start using immediately to improve the quality of your life and relationships.

In my 20+ years experience supporting people in their self-healing I have seen people make remarkable changes. I’ve seen real people like you overcome some pretty gnarly life circumstances, turn around (or let go of) painful patterms and toxic relationships and create levels of abundance, grace, connection and happiness that were once unimaginable to them - and to me!


I’m here to help. Let’s talk about YOUR new and better life.

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Heal your Life. Walk in Joy. Live in Love.

· Short Term Solution-Focused Counseling
· Relationship / Marriage / Parenting / Divorce
· Anxiety / Depression / Stress / Burnout
· Addiction & Recovery
· Crisis Management / Life Transition
· Death & Dying / Grief & Loss
· Leadership / Mentoring
· Spiritual Healing & Instruction / Plant Medicine Integration