The Puma That’s Eating Your Life

My dog Frank once visited me in a dream and said this to me:

“Listen to me!

In reality, a beautiful, terrifying, ravenous Sacred Puma is eating your life.

You are completely powerless to stop it. The Puma is going to eat you. 

Unless some other beast comes along and snatches you out of the Puma’s jaws or the Puma makes unusually quick work of you, which sometimes happens, it will take 75-85 years for the Puma to devour your life completely.

While you cannot stop the Sacred Puma from eating your life, there is something you can do about it: 

You can EAT BACK!

If you have it in you to eat back, you will be dining with the Puma, you will win its respect and it will become your ally.


Then I woke up.